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Electronic cigarettes are ten completely change one of the world's technology
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According to foreign media reports, Citigroup analysts in a research report lists 10 may revolutionize the world of technology. These 10 technologies covering energy, electronics, IT, manufacturing, transportation and other fields. Part of the technology has been in existence for some time, but will get better, the cost will be further reduced; and part of the technology has just come out, the next few years will be popular.
1, 3D print
Because the cost is declining, more easy to use software, design ability is more complex, the 3D printing technology will be explosive growth. Future, 50% jet engine parts will be completed by the 3D printer manufacturing.
According to the consulting company Wohlers Associates, 3D printing market size from the current less than $3500000000 to $6500000000 in 2019. Aerospace, plastic surgery and other high value, low production will be the first to use 3D printing industry.
2, the electronic cigarette
Electronic cigarette is the best tobacco substitutes practical method, and can avoid the harm of tobacco. With the help of electronic cigarettes, the user can solution tobacco addiction in places where smoking is banned. Electronic cigarette is divided into disposable and reusable two products.
The electronic cigarette only appear in the United States market share, but also quite low. Citigroup estimates, the next few years, the electronic cigarette market compound annual growth rate will be close to 50%.
3, gene and personalized treatment
The gene and they may carry disease very interested.
Gene therapy is the size of the market will grow from $700000000 in 2005 to $2100000000 in 2015. At present, cancer screening, prenatal examination and with the diagnosis is gene therapy technology three application fields. Benefit from this technology, including gene sequencing machines, kit manufacturers, as well as the doctor and patient.
4, mobile payment
Mobile payment in Japanese (penetration rate as high as 55%) and emerging market penetration rate is very high. In developed markets, covering the fields of mobile payment mainly in the transportation and retail sectors.
At present, the global mobile phone users reached 6000000000. The Canadian market research firm IE Market Research estimates, to 2016, the amount of mobile payment transaction will increase to $1.
5, energy exploration technology
Hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling and undersea exploration will increase global fossil energy supply. Hydraulic fracturing of injected water, sand and other chemicals to the underground, obtain shale energy; horizontal drilling that oil, natural gas company can mine before not recoverable reserves; undersea exploration technology advances are making drilling function efficiently water and oil and gas.
The United States is in the leading position in the shale revolution, but the United States only accounts for the global development of shale gas reserves of 13%, so the shale revolution will spread rapidly in the global range. To 2020 years, every year the seabed exploration equipment market scale will reach $100000000000. Offshore oil and gas have been accounted for the additional supply 45%.
6, oil to gas
Compressed natural gas vehicles is quite popular in the middle east. Many companies and taxi companies in the automotive fuel from gasoline to compressed natural gas.
Compressed natural gas vehicles in the United States of America's growth will still not warm not fire, but in the overseas market will continue rapid growth. Market research firm IHS estimates, compressed natural gas vehicles in the global automotive production share from the current 0.9% growth to 1.1%.
7, stream media and entertainment
Bypass the traditional networks and publishers publish content to the user. Streaming media Venture Company Roku has sold 5000000 units of the set-top box, Roku set-top box users can watch video on a big screen TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Google in their own creative content.
Since 2010, TV ratings fell 1.2%. Over the same period increased by nearly 70% of Netflix users. The success of high speed Internet, mobile devices and early manufacturers already eliminated most barriers to Internet TV content Creative Corporation to enter this market.
8, software as a service opportunities
Software as a service technology enables the customer must purchase by downloading or before shopping through Internet access software, typical products include Google, Microsoft Apps 365 and the Amazon Web service.
According to market research firm IDC said, last year the software as a service market grew 26% to $18000000000. According to Citigroup, the software as a service enterprise software spending accounted for 8%, the future of this share will grow to 70% -- and an increase of 8 times.
9, software defined network
By separating the data layer and control layer, software defined network can simplify the IT network. Software defined network control layer on layer of software, to issue instructions to each router and switch.
Market research firm IDC predicts, software defined network market scale will be less than $360000000 in 2013 to $3700000000 in 2016. This market by Venture Company, Cisco and other traditional network company, IBM, HP and Dell and other IT giants to carve up.
10, the solar energy
Solar power generation system can use solar power. Solar panel prices will continue the rapid decline, falling faster than many people expected. Solar power generation can be viewed as "parasites", will cannibalize existing power plant needs. [source] above to Sohu IT adaptation
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