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The United States and Russia jointly formulated the principle of smoking cessation
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With Moscow is ready to start the implementation of a nationwide ban on smoking in public places, the international public health cooperation mechanism between the United States and Russia has developed a comprehensive set of smoking cessation principle, this week (5.12-5.18) will be recommended to the health professionals and government officials.
"The guide will be submitted to the government in Moscow in May 14th, and will be available to all interested parties, including officials, experts, non-governmental organizations, the mass media and the public," the president of the Russian Public Health Association and the Russian Federation Ministry of health care and rehabilitation center of medicine Sonandre Demin in the Russian news agency commented.
"This is the first comprehensive, there is evidence of the file, will help Russia about 50000000 tobacco users and smokers who speak Russian in the country," he added.
This guide is the United States and Russia citizen social cooperation plan (CSPP) of a product, the program started in 2009, was launched when the Russian President Medvedev and the new American president Barak Obama met with reconstruction of the relationship between Russia and the United states. The plan out of the 11 areas, these are the organizer that the two countries can benefit from the cooperative efforts of the field, including public health.
Guidelines set by the two national medical experts and scientists in Europe, the cessation pattern based on the documentation requirements, Russia any people who smoke to the medical service institutions, will be provided for smoking cessation, and get a treatment opportunities according to their needs. From the sound of tobacco control
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